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Where Can I Get A Custom Sports Mouthguard?

January 13 2020 by Refresh Dental

Where Can I Get A Custom Sports Mouthguard? - Refresh Dental

Individuals who participate in vigorous sports and physical activity are more likely to lose a tooth or sustain dental trauma due to impact. What should you do to prevent hurting your teeth or gums during vigorous exercise?

What are Custom Sports Mouth Guards?

A custom mouth guard (or "sports mouth guard") is designed to reduce the effects of trauma. It forms a protective barrier and can thus provide support for your gums and teeth. Custom mouth guards are recommended by dental professionals to help you prevent tooth loss in the case of physical trauma.

Types of Mouthguards


These are available over-the-counter at many pharmacy stores or can be purchased online. While they come in standard sizes, generic mouth guards are not customizable. Generic mouth guards may be suitable for simple cases of:

Over-the-counter mouth guards are typically created to prevent teeth from grinding and clenching only, so they may not be strong enough to protect you from sports dental trauma.

Boil and Bite

Boil and bite mouth protection is made from thermoplastic material and can be found at sporting goods stores. While they may feel slightly sturdier as these mouth guards have some minor degree of customization, they unfortunately often result in limited extension or movement during activity.

Customized Mouth Guards

Custom solutions are prepared by a dental professional. A mold of the mouth is taken and a custom appliance is designed to your teeth, specifically. These guards have a custom fit so that they will remain in place while you engage in intense physical activity.

At Refresh Dental, we specialize in designing customized mouth guards. We highly recommend custom-made appliances to protect your teeth during vigorous sports activities.

The Custom Sports Mouth Guard Process

We first take an impression or mold of your teeth. The impression is then poured up in stone to create a specialized replica of your mouth. Your mouth guard is fabricated from this mold.

This guard is custom fit and the material is quite comfortable to wear and adapt to. Once the guard is made, the dentist will check if it fits properly before also providing after care instructions.

It's important to follow our care instructions carefully to ensure that the guard is kept clean and fitting well. Our maintenance guidelines will help to protect your mouth from injury and ensure the guard remains in good condition.

Refresh Dental is Happy to Help

If you want to learn more about our mouth guards services here at Refresh Dental, feel free to give us a call at 780-705-5557 or click here to book an appointment with us today!

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