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What is a Root Canal?

June 11 2019 by Refresh Dental

What is a Root Canal? - Refresh Dental

When the word “root canal” is used, an image of a painful, unpleasant surgery comes to mind. This image can strike up feelings of anxiety if you don’t know much about the procedure, which may cause you to prolong treatment out of fear. It is important to learn what Root Canal treatment is and dispel false information about the process.

Root canal treatment, contrary to some of the misinformation in the public, is a safe solution for teeth that have inflamed or infected pulp. This treatment may be needed in other scenarios to try and save and restore a tooth. For several patients, undergoing a root canal treatment is sometimes the only choice to keep a tooth that has faced deterioration.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment begins with the patient being administered local anaesthetic. To ensure that no bacteria from saliva impacts the teeth, the dentist performing the procedure will use a rubber dam to protect the tooth.

An opening is made in the tooth to get to the root canal system and the infected or inflamed pulp. The dentist will then extract the pulp by cleaning the root canal system. Once the canal has been cleaned, it will be filled and sealed with a natural rubber-like material called gutta percha. Then the opening of the tooth is sealed with temporary or permanent filling to prevent future infection.

While the thought of removing tissue might be frightening, the technology used for diagnosis and the techniques used for treatment have improved considerably, allowing dentists to perform the procedure with great exactness.

Most root canal treatments are successful. However, there are instances where a second appointment may be required. During the second treatment, the root canal filling material is taken out, and the canal is recleaned, reshaped, and refilled.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

There are a few advantages to undergoing a successful root canal treatment. The procedure can allow you to preserve the tooth instead of having the tooth removed completely. Keeping teeth can help you avoid other teeth from shifting and potentially escalating into jaw problems. Treatment also prevents the cost of having to replace a removed tooth with an artificial tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Vs. Root Canal Surgery

Root canal treatment involves extracting the damaged tissue from inside the crown and roots of a tooth. The canal is disinfected, shaped, filled and sealed. The opening of the tooth is then sealed with a filling.

Root Canal Surgery is done when it is determined that a root canal treatment cannot be done or when it has not worked. During this surgery, the end of the tooth roots will be checked for fractures. Parts of the roots that could not be addressed during the initial treatment will be removed.

Recovery From A Root Canal Treatment

After the Root Canal treatment, the anaesthetic begins to wear off. Patients often feel tenderness in the treated area for a few days post-treatment. It is advised not to chew or bite down on the treated tooth until it is fully restored by a dentist to prevent damaging it. It is still important to clean this area by brushing and flossing regularly.

It is vital to care for teeth and gums properly after a root canal has been performed. In some cases, a follow-up visit to the dentist may be required to X-ray the treated tooth and to check that the infection has been removed.

Select a Dentist That You Feel Comfortable With

If the term “Root Canal” causes you to feel anxiety, apprehension, or fear, ensure you select a dentist that you feel comfortable with. At Refresh Dental we are always happy to answer your questions and address your concerns about root canal treatment. If you are looking to schedule a Root Canal Treatment at a West Edmonton Dentist, reach out to us today to request an appointment!

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