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Dental Crowns Allow You To Bring Your Smile Back

February 14 2020 by Refresh Dental

Dental Crowns Allow You To Bring Your Smile Back - Refresh Dental

Have you ever been advised to get a tooth extraction? What if you could save the dying tooth with a dental crown? Getting a crown to restore an eligible tooth is beneficial to your overall dental health.

Whenever dental patients are advised to get a tooth extraction, it isn't uncommon for dentists to hear common fears along the lines of: What's going to happen if my tooth isn't there anymore? How can I smile with confidence when there is a gap in my mouth?

Dental crowns allow you to bring your smile back. In the article below, Refresh Dental covers everything you need to know about dental crowns and how they can help you feel confident about smiling again.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is essentially a hollow tooth cap (prosthesis).

Crown procedures are recommended when a damaged tooth still has enough structure and surface to offer restoration support. A dental crown is created to match the mold of your actual tooth, and is bind into place by anchoring to your natural tooth underneath.

Not only can a dental crown preserve the damaged tooth, it will also help prevent damage or disease spreading to its surrounding teeth, and keep your overall jaw structure in shape.

Dental crowns are one of the most commonly performed dental procedures today. To learn more about how a dental crown procedure works, the Canadian Dental Association offers a helpful, step-by-step guideline here.

Why Do You Need a Dental Crown?

What are some of the signs and symptoms indicating it may be time to get a dental crown? Whenever you face severe tooth decay, damage, or total loss, one of the most effective solutions is to get a dental crown.

Here are some reasons why you may need a dental crown:

Disease, trauma and crowding can all contribute to tooth loss. Performing a dental crown procedure not only helps to protect the tooth in question, but can contribute to your overall oral health, as well.

Best yet, you'll be able to smile with confidence again!

Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

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